Ah the 80’s. A great decade, not only because I was born but because of Linda Carter and the Wonder Woman TV Series. It will be great again since we’re going to see the return of Wonder Woman to the time.

We have gotten some details on the Wonder Woman 1984 Film. It is set to be released June 5th of 2020. Since I was born in June Happy Birthday to me and thanks for the early Birthday Present DC! Though I would have been just as happy with the old November 1st 2019 release date.

DC is keeping Patty Jenkins as the director who also co-wrote the screenplay with Geoff Johns and David Callaham. DC is also bringing in Hans Zimmer to score the film.

Gal Gadot is obviously starring as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince. We will also be seeing Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright again in the form of flashbacks. And surprisingly (not) Chris Pine will be coming back as Steve Trevor. We will be getting several new characters introduced as well, like Cheetah/Ann Minerva (Kristen Wiig) who will serve as the antagonist. We are getting Kelvin Yu as Jake, Lyon Beckwith as Buzz and Oakley Bull as Kelly. In undiscosed roles we have Ryan L. Price, Natasha Rothwell, Ravi Patel, Gabriella Wilde and Kristoffer Polaha. Pedro Pascal has been cast it’s not confirmed but we’re expecting to see him play Maxwell Lord or Doctor Psycho.

DC has kept the plot under wraps but the title at least gives us a little hint as to when it’ll take place. This will put Diana in the middle of the Reagan era and will involve the Cold War. From her appearances in the other DC films, we will probably see her trying to hide her identity and keep it that way.

The film is likely to revolve around Archeologist Ann Minerva, looking for the lost city Urzkartaga. Finding it she will meet a goddess dwelling within and be transformed into Cheetah. Since Diana is a curator it won’t be surprising if the film revolves around Diana and Ann’s relationship.

There are a lot of theories with the return of Steve Trevor. In a teaser image we see him in a mall definitely not from the WWI era and he hasn’t aged. We will have to wait and see how this will tie into the film’s story. The theories have already been flying around online. From being transported from his Plane accident to actually being Martian Manhunter.

There is a lot you can dig into but I like just enjoying the film and don’t need to dig into and theorize about the movie so I’ll leave that up to you dear readers. If there is more need to know info then I’ll be back with another post. One thing I will be looking for in the film is Diana Prince spinning on screen to change into her alter ego.

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