Welcome to our first installment of Things That Excite Us This Week, where each Sunday we tell you what excites us for this week, with a sentence or two for each! If you are looking for a full list of things releasing this week, this is not that list, just what we look forward to!

Sadly for the first one – hell our first post- there isn’t much going on this week. I personally think it’s due to how big the following week is.


  • Justice League of America:The Bronze Age Vol. 1. DC Comics
  • Berserk: The Flame Dragon Knight. Darkhorse

Wow, only two things comic out this week, kind of a bummer, but they are both something I’ve been looking forward to, so I got that going for me. I love the old Justice League comics, so I’m glad they are printing the omnibuses into trade paperback format. I recently got into Berserk over a year ago and fell in love. With The Flame Dragon Knight being the first Berserk novel releasing in America I am hyped to get my hands on it!

Video Games:


  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster. Nintendo Switch


  • Cuphead. Nintendo Switch

Another short release, plus they have already been released on other systems. That doesn’t make me any less excited, due to me never beating either. Now I may finally beat them, while on the go! I love the handheld aspect and would gladly play/replay dozens of games on the Switch!

Well that’s it for this weeks folks! It may be a small amount but they all bring me excitement! Let us know what you are excited for this week!

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