April 16th (Korea Time), SNK held a briefing at the the Conrad Seoul Hotel in Yeongdeungpo.

“게이머들에게 더 좋은 게임을 공급하는 게임 회사가 될 수 있도록 하고 싶다.”

“I want us to be a game company that gives gamers better games.”

SNK’s CEO Jeon

In order to accomplish this he presented the room with major initiatives such as console, PC and mobile game development and publishing.

He emphsised the use if IP’s like King of Fighters (KOF). Showing that KOF ’98 UM had brought the company 200 Billion won (176 Million USD) in annual sales.

“KOF IP로 지난 3년 간 세 편의 게임이 나왔는데 같은 IP이지만 매번 장르도 다르고, 그래픽도 진화하고 있다 “

“The KOF IP released three games in the last three years but every time it’s the same IP, but it’s different genres and the graphics are evolving”

SNK’s CEO Jeon

SNK started with 10 IPs but since August 2016 has contracted with 28 different IPs. They have added 8 signed contracts in the first part of 2019.

Jeon brought up the console game ‘Samurai Showdown’ which is set to be released on June 27th on PS4 and Xbox One. He predicted that it would open up the future for SNK.

While IPs are the driving force of growth, the NeoGeo Mini’s sales were higher than expected. So they are planning on a NeoGeo 2 and NeoGeo 3.

Their plan for profiting through IP licensing has grown from just 4.1 Billion won (3.6 Million USD) in July of 2015 to 38.2 Billion won (336 Million USD) as of July 2018. To continue this growth SNK is looking to work outside of the Asian market.

I’m hoping they can improve upon the NeoGeo Mini and look forward to seeing the NeoGeo 2.

Photo Courtesy of Ruliweb

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