Blizzard Entertainment has added a brand new replay function to the PC Overwatch public test server.

This function allows the player to slow down or make the game faster, not only from the first person point of view, but also from a variety of third person points of view, aerial viewpoint, etc.

The replay function can be found in the player profile, under the Replay tab. It is possible to review the last 10 games played, except the tutorial and training modes.

Blizzard recommended using the battlefield overlay (Ctrl+L) if they wants to see how certain players use heroes, and explained that it would help them understand the rotation of the team when the camera is fixed in a certain location.

The replay function, which is only available from PC version public test server, will be added to console version soon.

I’m looking forward to not using too much, since I mostly play Mystery Heroes. Maybe I’ll learn some new tactics or paths on maps though.

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