The Manga artist known as Monkey Punch died from complications of pneumonia, April 11 in Sakura.

Kazuhiko Katō was born May in 1937 in the village of Kiritappu in Hamanaka. He is more well known as Monkey Punch, the colorful name he got when he started his career in the 1960’s. His most well known work is Lupin III which started in 1967. The James Bondesque thief was a hit from the start. His editors originally gave him a three month run but after the overwhelming readership had to change their plans.

In 2005 he became a professor at Otemae University in Manga Animation studies. Five years later he joined Tokyo University of Technology as a visiting professor.

In 2015 we was awarded a special Tokyo Anime Award.

I for one am sure that he will live on, not just through Lupin III and his works, but through other’s art and look forward to the dedications others will be making to honor him. He has taught and touched many lives, his impact will last for generations.

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