The days of needing expensive graphics cards and other hardware might be a thing of the past if you are a part of Google Stadia.

The company says that fans of gaming will be able to play AAA titles wherever they have access to a Chrome browser and a Stadia controller. While this seems to be a bright future there are a few things that people are waiting to hear; when will it happen and how much it will cost.

We got two hints from Stadia Chief Phil Harrison at the GamesBeat Summit.

Stadia is going to take advantage of Google’s global network of data centers which it has in over 200 countries. User’s will pay to rent those servers’ computational and graphical processing power instead of having to use their own hardware.

This would make a big shift in the gaming market for buying and playing video games.

The big thing will be the cost. Google will have to find a proper price for their service to take off.

There are currently cloud gaming services like Playstation Now and Shadow. Both use a monthly-fee model. PS Now is $20 a month ($240 a year) and Shadow is 34.95 if you do a year commitment.

A monthly subscription might work best for gamers who play multiple times a week. Harrison said Stadia plans to explore multiple pricing models and not just stick with subscription fees which seem to be used by everyone.

“There is no technical limitation on how we have architectured the platform to support a variety of business models,” he said.

His comments support Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot when he made a statement that customers will be able to “buy full price and you play; or you will be able to also register, possibly, to play either one hour or two hours a day.”

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