With a history spanning 80 years Batman has had many incarnations, stories, origins, and reboots. Thus meaning everyone has their favorites or lest favorites, now that doesn’t mean yours is better or worse than the next persons, but mine is the best. Nah, I’m just kidding, because for me it’s hard to pick my most favorite Batman series with these four raining supreme: Batman: Prey, Batman: The Cult, Batman: Gothic, Batman: RIP (Honestly Morrison’s whole run). While the one I can completely call my numero uno being Grant Morrison’s Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serous House on a Serious Earth. Yes, the title is a mouthful so people usually dub it Arkham Asylum but lets go with AA for brevity sake.

As much as I would love to make this article about my undying love for AA this isn’t the time for that, with the comic celebrating 30 years this October making that the perfect time to celebrate it’s birthday. DC’s Absolute editions, if you don’t know are where they take a well selling story/arc and smash it – sometimes with extras – in an over sized hardcover that goes into a slipcase. These can be quite beautiful and DC has done them multiple times now with each newer volume increasing in binding quality. If you already own this comic then you may be asking why buy it in this format? Well, honestly there is no need unless you like the bigger format, or just collect the editions of AA. For me personally I’m up in the air. I’ll let the Amazon product description explain.

Just looking at this shows that as of yet there really isn’t anything new other than the format. In the previous editions we were treated to extras in the case of a full script followed by page breakdowns, which doubled the size of the trade. The 15th and 25th anniversary editions had this which was why I never upgraded my 15th to the 25th, because other than the cover and price nothing changed. I had one of the first trades but I foolishly traded it to get a newer edition years back, which I regret. With the info we are shown it seems like this will be exactly the same content wise as the others, but does that stop you or me from probably buying it? Most likely not.

With a cover price of $75 but online price of $55 it’s not a bad price at all for such a damned good story. Personally I believe the art will highly benefit from the bigger print size. This is usually the case when a comic gets the absolute treatment, but in a few cases blowing up the art to bigger sizing can show the faults. As much as I love AA I can agree with what some of my friends that I’ve coerced into reading have said, “As much as I enjoyed the art sometimes I couldn’t tell what was happening, and the lettering can be confusing.”. As much as I understand that I feel it was done on purpose just to show the insanity in the Asylum. With that said I feel like with this bigger format it will still feel that way but paint a much clearer picture. Hopefully this will be the ultimate edition to buy, but we will just have to wait and see.

With no idea how to end this, look at the cover we may get, which looks freaking awesome!!!

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