Today was filled with some “godly” comic news, two super heroic trailers, a monster of a poster, and some classy gaming news!

Turn on some ambient music, pull up your pillow, lay down your head and relax while I give you the Before Bed Bulletin…..


  • We got some awesome comic news from Marvel today! But we have to keep it short because of spoilers. I’ll just say two words, NEW, VALKYRIE. If your okay with spoilers check it out on our site, or Marvels for an interview with Al Ewing!


  • First in film we got a trailer that was pumping out gallons and gallons of testosterone, Fast And The Furious: Hobbs and Shaw. Now I’ll be honest I don’t like The Fast and The Furious series, with only seen one and it was a hard meh, plus I’m not much into cars. But damn did this new trailer get my blood pumping. It was so 90’s alpha male, action heavy that it intimidated me. So yeah, I may see it in theaters!
  • I’m told the first season of Krypton was great, but I have yet to see it. I’m on my way to watching it having just picked it up from the library today. The point I’m getting to is the season 2 trailer dropped with Lobo, what looks like Doomsday, and Brainic! So I would say perfect timing!

  • With the movie coming out in just over a month we got a cool new poster for Godzilla: King Of The Monster. I liked the recent movie, and Kong: Skull Island, so I can say in confidence I am excited for this movie!


  • Via Twitter this morning Konami told eager fans what last 3 games would be on their Castlevania Anniversary Edition. Joining the already announced games are Kid Dracula, Simon’s Quest, and Bloodlines. Check out their full list on the website. They still have others in the series to release so hopefully we will see a second collection!

  • On Playstation Blog this morning was the surprise announcement of a XII Remake. The video says PS4, but others are saying it will also release on Xbox One, Switch and PC, which wouldn’t be surprising, but I have yet to find concrete evidence. Our quick little write up can be seen here.

  • We end on even more uplifting news from Ubisoft. Following yesterdays donation and free copy of Assassins Creed Unity the French company announched today that if you bought unity since Monday April 15th, they will give you a refund. Just head over to this link.

That’s all for today folks! Now slumber away to dreamland! Make sure you say hi to Kirby there!

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