Welcome to the Wednesday April 17th edition of Before Bed Bulletin! We have some great news on the Film/TV and Gaming front!

Turn on some ambient music, pull up your pillow, lay down your head and relax while I give you the Before Bed Bulletin…..



  • The books are great, the games are great, now let’s hope The Witcher on Netflix is great! We get ever closer to the release time as in a letter to their investors Netflix gave a rough estimate when it will debut. Saying Q4 of 2019, at least it’s coming this year!

  •  Today was a good day for trailers with Dark Phoenix, and The Boys both getting one! I’m still not sold on Dark Phoenix, but The Boys looks good enough to were I might need to get Amazon Prime again!

  • We even got some news on DC Universe Swamp Thing for once! At the beginning of the day Star News Online reported that production on the show was stopped and will only be 10 episodes instead of 13. No official word from DC has been given, so just take this with a grain of swamp…. or salt. A few hours following that report we got a brief teaser for the show via their Twitter page.

We had some pretty good news on the Film/TV front, so let’s move on to Gaming!


  • Let’s kick it off on some generous news. Following the aftermath of the Notre-Dome fire Monday Ubisoft announced a donation of €500,000 for the aid and reconstruction. In this same letter they gave a link for a free download of Assassins Creed: Unity which takes place in Paris and features a faithful reconstruction of The Notre-Dome.

  • Late last night Microsoft announced a new Xbox One S console. This time in the form of an All Digital Edition, costing only $250, that’s $50 less than normal. Is this good news? Well that’s for you to decide. Personally I’m not a fan of all digital.

  • Last but not least. Mortal Kombat 11 finally showed off game play for the Nintendo Switch edition in a YouTube video posted earlier today. It looks pretty damn crisp! Let’s hope it runs well!


Woah! A personal bulletin! What could it mean? It means I have some two cool personal things if you would spare the time…

  • I got my copy of Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Berserk: The Flame Knight Dragon today! I mentioned them in our Things That Excite Us This Week. So I thought a little update was needed, I’ve only gotten a few hours in FF X and so far enjoy it! I have only looked at Berserk’s cover, it looks cool and I’m excited to read it!

That’s all for today folks! Now slumber away to dreamland! Make sure you say hi to Kirby there!

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